French Drain – What is it and Why Should I Consider Installing One?

While we are past the peak of our rainy season, we still continue to have moderate rain levels throughout the year. If the outside of your home or your basement is prone to flooding, you should consider having a French drain installed.

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What Is A French Drain?

A French drain is installed on your property by digging a trench, placing the drain pipes in the trench, and covering it with gravel. The drain pipes have perforations in them to help move rain and groundwater away from your property.

Why Install A French Drain?

French drains are used to help prevent groundwater from damaging your property. Many businesses use French drains to prevent flooding in and around their buildings, and homeowners that have property that tends to flood in certain areas will have French drains installed to control the amount of water that collects in certain areas. French drains also help to distribute water from a septic tank sewage treatment system. They can also be used in retaining walls to alleviate the force of groundwater.

Other uses for a French drain:

  • Flooding – Heavy rainfalls can produce unexpected flooding, which can cause severe water flood damage to your property. If you have had flood damage happen in the past, you should consider hiring a professional, licensed plumber to inspect your property where the flooding occurred and determine if a French drain can help prevent future flooding from happening.

  • Groundwater leaks – Even typical rainfall can cause groundwater to leak into a basement or crawlspace. If your basement is fully furnished with carpet or wood and it consistently feels damp, you could have groundwater leaking into your basement. If it’s damp in your basement then mold and mildew can grow and ruin not only your furnishings, but can also impact your health. If you are concerned about any of this, then having a professional install a French drain can prevent future damage from happening.

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