How to Make Upstairs Cooler

Woman using her thermostat.

Do you live in a two-story house?  Is your upstairs AC not working?  Are you wondering how to make your upstairs cooler?  If your air conditioning doesn’t cool your upstairs, the problem may not be your AC unit.  Before you invest in a new unit, check out these ideas for making your upstairs cooler.  Not only will these steps make you more comfortable, but they will also save you money.

How to Make Upstairs Cooler

  • Upgrade your attic insulation. Dollar for dollar, insulation is the best investment you can make in your home. You can have the best air conditioning unit on the market, but you are just wasting your money if your cool air is being heated by the hot air in your attic.

  • Seal leaky ducts. Letting air-conditioned air escape through holes and cracks in your ducts costs you money and makes your home uncomfortable. Plus, pollutants get into your home from your attic and crawlspace as the air leaks out. Duct sealing will help you keep the air you want and keep out the air you don’t.

  • Zone your home. Depending on the size of your home, you may not even need a separate unit for the upstairs. But if your thermostat is downstairs, your home is likely to be hot upstairs. A thermostat measures the temperature of the area where it is located. Zoning for your home will put a thermostat in your upstairs so that your air conditioning system can deliver the air your upstairs needs to make those rooms comfortable.

Do you have questions about any of these steps?  Call Five Star!  Through our healthy home solutions approach, we look at your home as a system and fix the causes of the problems you are having.  We service Greenville Spartanburg SC, Hendersonville NC, and surrounding areas.

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