Greer, SC – Emergency HVAC Repair & Replacement Services in Greenville County

The heating and cooling systems in your home or business have a crucial job to do, which is why it’s very important that they function as expected at all times. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances that may cause an HVAC system to break down unexpectedly. Naturally, your HVAC system doesn’t care if it breaks down during business hours or at 2 am. This is why Five Star is proud to offer our prompt, high-quality, 24/7 HVAC repair and replacement services to the Greenville County area.

Unexpected HVAC System Breakdowns

Occasional breakdowns are an unfortunate reality for any machine, and your HVAC system is no exception. For many people— especially business owners— HVAC systems play crucial roles in the cooling of equipment or merchandise that needs to be stored at a certain temperature. In these instances, HVAC breakdowns need to be addressed as promptly as possible to avoid even greater problems. In many cases, these issues can be unpredictable and can occur when you least expect them, which is why 24/7 repair and replacement services for your HVAC system are necessary.

Common Emergency HVAC Scenarios

When it comes to HVAC systems, not everyone is aware of what might constitute an “emergency scenario.” Here are some of the most common scenarios and signs of HVAC breakdowns that might require emergency service.

Something Smells… Gassy

If you suddenly notice an odor that resembles rotten eggs or sulfur, you need to contact emergency services and get everyone out of your house. The same goes for smelling gasoline or propane— this smell would remind you of lighting up a gas grill. In the second scenario, be sure to close off the main gas line in case of a serious gas leak into your home or business. You can also look at the pilot light on your HVAC system. The flame should appear blue, but if it looks yellow instead, this could indicate a carbon monoxide leak which is a very serious emergency. Either way, contact emergency services ASAP and evacuate the building to be safe.

You Hear Strange, Loud Noises

The majority of HVAC systems will make a little noise, but it will resemble white noise that isn’t obtrusive. If you start to notice unusual noises like buzzing, clanking, or popping, this could indicate something is wrong. Contact emergency HVAC services to sort everything out.

The System Stops Working

If your HVAC system suddenly stops working or won’t turn back on, you should call emergency HVAC services to sort out the issue. This is especially important during the winter if you live in a cold location.

Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing any of the above scenarios or are noticing other problems with your HVAC system, Five Star is here to help. We’re incredibly proud to offer our professional 24/7 HVAC repair and replacement services to Greenville County and Greer residents. Give us a call for fast and high-quality emergency HVAC services.
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