Looking at a house as a system is based on building science research that began during the energy crisis of the 70’s. Princeton University led the way and designed an infiltrometer to measure the air tightness of a structure. The researchers at Princeton called this air movement into and out of homes infiltration and exfiltration. They found a direct correlation between the uncontrolled air movement into and out of homes and energy expenses.

To describe the house as a system approach, Larry says:  “Make it tight, insulate it right, ventilate, dehumidify, and purify for COMFORT, SAVINGS AND HEALTH. ”

Insulate It Right

The thermal boundary should be complete with the pressure boundary. Your comfort advisor can help you identify these problems and provide solutions as well. Because 60+% of the homes energy is lost through the attic, we provide attic energy upgrades that increase your comfort and lower your utility bills.


Every home needs fresh air and this standard has been established by the USDOE. Our comfort advisor can test and advise about the needed amount. But there is good infiltration or makeup air and bad infiltration. Good infiltration is what comes in around windows and doors when the wind blows. Bad infiltration is what comes from the crawl space and attic because of MAD Air problems.


Air conditioners are not dehumidifiers. You may need a dedicated system to provide the proper indoor air quality.


Every cubic foot of air in your home contains all of the allergens that cause health problems. Your comfort depends on lowering the amount in the air. You cannot remove 100% but you can lower the concentration. Our whole house high efficiency air filters and purifiers can help you live better.

Your House As a System

Watch this video to learn how our house as a system approach benefits you: