Ways to Improve Air Quality

Ways to Improve Air Quality

Are you seeking clean, healthy, pleasant smelling air for your home? We have three ways that we help customers improve the air quality in their homes:

1) We install at least a 10 MERV whole house filter at the inlet to the blower of the heating and air conditioning unit. By putting a filter at this location, all the air in the home will be filtered. Plus, the unit will last longer and run more efficiently. For more information about our whole house filter approach, click here.

2)  We seal duct work so that contaminated air doesnā€™t leak into it. Duct sealing improves your indoor air quality, saves you money on your utility bills, and makes your home more comfortable.  To find out why, visit our duct sealing page.

3)  Finally, we can install a UV light to sterilize the air in your home.  A UV light kills contaminants such as mold spores and bacteria, and it makes your air clean and fresh.  Anyone could benefit from having a UV light in his or her home, but UV lights are particularly attractive to people with respiratory illnesses and / or allergies.  (If you want to learn more about allergy proofing your home, click here.)

To improve air quality, change the environment of your home.  Five Star Plumbing Heating Cooling will help you keep your air clean and filtered. Call us today to learn more.