Split Ends & Dry Skin: The Dangers Of Water Heater Calcium Build-Up

A running showerhead

Spring is here, and while you may be enjoying the spring weather, there may be a lingering bathroom problem that could ruin those spring mornings. Have you noticed that your hair or skin feels dry after taking a nice shower in the morning? While you may be tempted to think you have an issue with your showerhead, your culprit may be your water heater! Here is your news about calcium build-ups in your water heater!

Rocks In My Water?

So you may be confused as to how calcium build-ups can even begin since it may seem odd to open up your water heater to find rocks! Note that you have minerals found in water naturally with any water source. Many homeowners face the issue with water heater systems: calcium minerals in the water begin to settle at the bottom of your water heater. Over time without proper drainage, a water heater can start to output hard water that can dry out your hair and skin.

Clanging And Odd Signs Of Calcium Build-Up

So now that we know hard water issues from calcium build-ups are the issue, how do we know that we have a calcium issue with our water heater? One of the signs of calcium build-up in a water heater is clanging sounds from the water heater. Typically water heaters are quiet, so when you begin to notice your water heater making odd sounds call the pros.

Another sign of calcium build-up in your water heater is discolored water coming from your faucets. Usually, homeowners report seeing either rust-colored water coming from their tap or a strange odor. Lastly, the most significant sign that hard water is becoming a glaring issue is that your water heater stops working altogether.

How To Prevent This Problem

While fixing hard water issues is possible, we understand homeowners that want to prevent the problem from happening entirely. The best solutions are preventative measures, which begin with regular drainage of your water heater tank at least once a year to flush out any mineral deposits.

Proper drainage of your water tank can help flush out mineral deposits sitting in your tank and offers a chance to properly clean any other build-up that could interfere with your home’s water. Calcium build-up can also be curbed by maintaining your water heater’s temperature below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, as the hotter your water, the more likely calcium deposits begin to settle at the bottom of your water heater.

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