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Home Heating Services

Keep the cold outside this winter with Five Star Plumbing Heating Cooling’s expert home heating services.  We offer service, repair, and replacement for both furnaces and heat pumps.


Furnaces are LP (liquid petroleum), natural gas, or oil.  We install natural gas units when customers need replacements, but we are one of the few companies in the area who service and repair all three types of furnaces. Trust Five Star to fix your furnace problem right away or to find the most cost-effective furnace replacement for your home.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps use electricity.  These days, most people prefer furnaces for their heating needs.  However, if your heat pump is properly installed, they are less expensive to operate than furnaces.  Unfortunately, many companies do not install heat pumps correctly, so heat pumps have gotten a bad rap.  If you are having problems with your heat pump, let your Five Star technician take a look at it to see what is wrong.  We service, repair, and replace heat pumps.

Duct Work

You can have the most efficient furnace or heat pump on the market, but if your duct work is leaking your heated air, you will be wasting money!  In addition, leaky duct work causes poor indoor air quality.  Check out our duct work sealing page to learn more about how repairing and sealing duct work makes your home healthier, more comfortable, and more cost effective.


Does your home feel colder when you stand close to places like your garage, attic, or outside walls? You might need new insulation. The most important factor in your home’s comfort and economical operation is insulation. An efficient insulation system in your home will decrease the energy demands of your heating and cooling system, thus making your system last longer and your utility bills less expensive. Learn more on our insulation page.

Save on Heating Repair

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