Review of Five Star Plumbing Heating Cooling

Why Choose Five Star?

In the video above, Jeff and Layne Austin of Image East of Greer, SC, give a review of Five Star Plumbing Heating Cooling.   Here are some ways they say Five Star rises above the competition:

We communicate.  We call before we come to your house so that you will know who is coming and when to expect that person.  Also, we teach you how to use your system when we are done installing it.

We are respectful.  When we are in your home, we cover our shoes, and we cover your floor.  When we leave, we clean up after ourselves.  We know you work hard to keep your house clean, and we want it to stay clean.

We solve problems.  If you are having issues in your home, we don't just come in and say you need a new heating and air conditioning unit.  We do an analysis of your home and give you options that will make you more comfortable and save you money.  For more information on our problem-solving approach, visit our Healthy Home Solutions page.

As Jeff says in the video, sometimes cheap is the most expensive price you can pay.  If you're having problems in your home, call Five Star.  Let us take a look at your house, and at least listen to what we have to say before you invest money in another company that just wants to trade out heating and air conditioning units.

For more information about the heating and air conditioning work we did in Jeff and Layne's home, check out the video where they tell their story.