Spring Cleaning for Your Air Conditioner

AC unit

It's essential to clean your air conditioner regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and extend its life. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your air conditioner:

A Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

It takes a bit of time, but overall, cleaning an AC isn’t too difficult.

  1. Start by turning off the power to your air conditioner at the circuit breaker. This will prevent any potential shock hazards while you're cleaning.
  2. Remove the cover and locate the evaporator coils. Use a soft brush attachment to vacuum the coils to remove any dirt or debris. If the coils have a lot of caked-on grime, you might have to resort to chemical cleaners. Most hardware stores and home improvement centers carry condenser coil cleaners. To use a condenser coil cleaner, spray it on (it will foam a bit), let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse it off with a hose.
  3. Check the air filter and replace it if necessary. Make sure to use the correct filter size and replace it with a new air filter. You’ll also want to ensure you’re installing the new filter correctly. There will be arrows on the filter indicating how it should be installed.
  4. Clean the outside condenser coils with a garden hose. Start from the top and work your way down, spraying in an up-and-down motion.
  5. Replace the cover and turn the power back on.

This is a good time to verify that everything’s working as it should. If the system is blowing warm air or you hear excessive rattling, scraping, or other noises, it’s best to call a professional for AC repair.

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How to Clean an Air Conditioner Filter

Cleaning an air conditioner filter is a simple process and should be done at least every thirty days to keep your system running well.

  • Start by removing the filter from the air conditioner.
  • Vacuum the filter to remove any dirt and debris. If the filter is very dirty, you may need to wash it with soap and water.
  • Allow the filter to dry completely before replacing it in the air conditioner.

Make sure to use the correct filter size and replace it with a new air filter regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce energy costs.

What Happens If You Don't Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter?

If you don't clean your air conditioner filter, it can get clogged with dust and debris. This restricts the airflow and reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner. Furthermore, if the air filter is not replaced regularly, it can cause the evaporator coils to freeze up and reduce the air conditioner's cooling capacity.

Cleaning your air conditioner filter regularly will help keep your air conditioner running efficiently and reduce energy costs.

Air Conditioning Service in the Carolinas

If your AC needs more than a simple cleaning, or you’d rather have the pros tackle the job for you, call Five Star today at (864)306-4898 or schedule service online. Our experienced professionals can make sure your system is ready to keep you and your family comfortable even on the steamiest Carolina summer days.