About Us


Five Star Plumbing Heating Cooling was originally called TSC / The Service Company. Larry Sinn founded TSC in 1984 during his move to South Carolina from Kentucky. Larry likes to say that he wasn’t born in the South but he came as fast as he could.

Larry made a commitment to service excellence in 1987 by establishing Howard Klinetop as technical service advisor and troubleshooter. With Larry’s leadership and Howard’s expertise, TSC became synonymous with service excellence in the Carolinas. Our service department started with a single technician servicing heating and air conditioning systems. We have grown to 20 service technicians and expanded to include plumbing, electrical, insulation and Healthy Home Solutions™.


In the early 1990’s, Duke Power instituted a rebate program called “Home Comfort Tune Up.” Duke Power recognized that the problem with heat pumps was not that they were “drafty” or “cold” but that leaky ductwork allowed too much outside air inside. The program provided rebates for homeowners to test their heat pump systems and repair these problems. TSC tested hundreds of houses.  As a result, we were able to improve the comfort, savings and health in nearly a thousand of them.  And we learned that sealing ductwork only solved a part of the home’s problems.


The final pieces of the puzzle came together in 1993 when Larry Sinn met Brendan Reid, president of Comfort Institute. The “house as a system” approach showed us how to go beyond sealing duct work to solve a house’s problems. Larry learned that home comfort depended upon more than furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners. His  non-negotiable slogan became, “Make It Tight, Insulate It Right, Ventilate, Dehumidify, and Purify—For Your Comfort, Savings and Health.” We sealed leaks in the house and duct work to keep expensive, conditioned air inside. Our insulation repaired reduce utility costs. We installed air filters and humidity controls to eliminate viruses, mold, allergens and odors. As Larry liked to say, we offered solutions for problems, not Band-Aids for symptoms.

In 1999, TSC was the third company nationwide to begin using the newly-licensed Aeroseal system. The Aeroseal system fills in all joints and holes in the duct work with a high-tech, vinyl polymer which is a vast improvement over the hit-or-miss of manual sealing. With Aeroseal, TSC could even reach holes in the concealed parts of an air distribution system. In 2003 alone, TSC sealed or replaced 384 duct work systems.

Despite all of the success Larry had, the name “TSC” bothered him.  It was so indefinite that people didn’t always understand what we did.  So in 2010, after trying and being dissatisfied with a franchise opportunity, Larry decided to change the name to Five Star.  Five Star is a mark that defines excellence whether it be in motels, restaurants or in the marketplace in general.  Excellence in customer service and products has been the hallmark of TSC /The Service Company and now Five Star.

  • 1984 Began as TSC / The Service Company.

  • 1987 Brought Howard Klinetop on board as technical service advisor and troubleshooter


1990'S Duke Power instituted a rebate program called “Home Comfort Tune Up.”

  • 1993 Developed the "house as a system" approach.

  • 2010 Larry changed our name to Five Star.