Greenville SC Home Inspection Services

Man standing under a leak with an umbrella.

In our line of work, we often meet people who are unhappy with a home they just bought. Before they bought the home, they had no idea the home had the problems it did. But when they start living in it, they realize it is a mess. During the home buying process, no one – not the realtor, the mortgage company, or even the home inspector – is going to tell you the problems in your home. Their goal is to get the house sold so that they can get paid. You are the one who has to live in the house after the sale is complete.

Are you about to buy a new home? Or a new to you home? We can help you determine the problems in the home before you buy. We can do an energy audit, a blower door test, or just a simple walk-through of the house. Wouldn’t you rather know what the issues are in the home are before you purchase it rather than after you begin living in it?

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