Safe Furnace Flue Venting

A woman looking at a thermostat.

A flue is a vent for a gas appliance. When we install a gas furnace, we no longer install a furnace with a metal flue. Instead, we install PVC pipes to vent the furnace. We install one PVC pipe from the outside for the makeup air, and we install another PVC pipe for the flue gas. With this configuration, you would never have a problem with gas leaking into your home if you have a problem with the gas valve of your furnace. The gas will escape through the PVC pipes. We believe the furnace manufacturers we use to do everything they can to ensure their appliances are safe. However, things break down. Problems can still happen with your furnace. So, we do everything we can to make sure your home and your family are completely safe. We want you to rest at ease and feel satisfied with the work we do in your home.

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