Quick Tips for Battling Summer Allergies

Woman blowing her nose.

Ahhhchooo! Summer seasonal allergies typically begin in April or May and continue through October. Thousands of plants and flowers bloom during these months, causing discomfort for almost everyone. From itchy, watery eyes to sneezing to tickles in the throat, sometimes it feels like you might not ever get relief.

How Do Outdoor Allergens Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality can be four to five times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Considering we spend most of our time indoors, this is something that we should take more seriously.

So, What Can We Do To Help Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Here are a few tips to consider helping you through the allergy season.

  • Vent cleaning – To keep dust from blowing throughout your home you can dust your vent covers. Additionally, having your ducts professionally cleaned by Five Star Greenville will remove all the dust, dirt, and debris buildup that collect deep in your home’s ductwork.

  • Dust surfaces – Regularly dusting all surfaces including window sills, baseboards, ceiling fan blades, and plant leaves helps remove allergens. Do you remember the last time the top of your upper kitchen cabinets were dusted? If not, then every time your air conditioner blows air in your kitchen it contains the dust from the tops of your cabinets.

  • Vacuum floors and under furniture – Cleaning your floors and rugs helps remove dust mites that hide in the carpet. Make sure you check the bottom of your vacuum where the brushes are because it typically collects hair and often gets clogged. If you dread vacuuming your house, invest in a good robotic vacuum. They can be programmed to vacuum on specific days and times, which saves you time from doing it yourself!

  • Clean bedding and drapes – Clean your bed sheets at least once a week, and don’t forget about blankets and pet bedding. To help reduce allergens, your pillows and mattresses should have allergen-proof covers on them.

  • Open windows – On breezy days, you can open windows to help naturally push out polluted air.

  • Reduce mold – Bathrooms are a breeding ground for mold growth due to the moisture and humidity from showers. By using mold-resistant shower curtains you can discourage the growth of mold. Additionally, if you notice cracks in the drywall, make sure to have them sealed immediately to prevent mold growth in the walls.

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