Aeroseal Greenville SC

Aeroseal gets to hidden duct leaks that you can’t reach by hand with mastic. Also, it is computerized, and it can tell you how successful you have been with your duct sealing process.

A quick review on duct leaks… MAD AIR stands for Mechanical Air Distribution and Interacting Relationships. When we have leaks in our ductwork, we have pressurization and depressurization in the house. That takes the conditioned air out, and the conditioned air is the most expensive air in your home. When you heat and cool air you are losing, you are wasting money on your utility bills.

So, today, we are going to start up our Aeroseal machine to seal the ductwork in this home. Our preliminary test shows 600 CFM of leakage in the supply only. When we arrived at this home, we saw a portable electric heater in the bedroom. A portable electric heater suggests the homeowners aren’t getting any heat in their bedrooms.

After we run the Aeroseal machine, the leaks will be sealed. The homeowners can be comfortable in their homes without spending a lot of money on their utility bills.

To learn more about Aeroseal Greenville SC, make an appointment with one of our Comfort Advisors. This is a no-obligation, totally free appointment with an expert who will sit down with you to determine whether Aeroseal is right for your home.

We service Greenville SC, Spartanburg SC, Hendersonville NC, Oconee SC, and surrounding areas.

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