Aeroseal Duct Sealing Part 1

Duct leakage is a major problem in homes in the area we serve.  The average home loses 35-40% of its energy out of its duct work and its attic.  As you can imagine, this loss is expensive because the homeowner is paying to heat and cool the air that is being lost.  Aeroseal is a great alternative to other duct sealing methods because it seals the leaks from the inside out.  It gets all of the leaks you can’t get to any other way.  It is better than mastic duct sealing because mastic requires you to take the insulation off the ductwork to seal the joints.  We have found that the insulation never goes back correctly.

To Aeroseal a home, we take all of the registers/supply grills down.  Then, we cut foam to fit into the places where the registers were because we want to stop the air from going in or coming out.  The Aeroseal machine blows a vinyl polymer solution into an atomizing machine.  The atomizing machine heats the polymer to 130 degrees F.  Then, the air stream carries the vinyl polymer to the duct leaks in the house.  The vinyl polymer creates a set of lips around the outside of the hole creating the leak, and the lips keep getting fuller and fuller so that the hole can be sealed.  A computer keeps track of how much is being sealed.

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