Can A Winter Tune-up Help You Avoid Expensive HVAC Repairs?

AC unit frozen over.

Not sure if you should consider a winter tune-up?

Winter is here and it’s cold! Well here in the south, it could be freezing one day and a balmy 60 degrees the next day. But either way, when the temperatures drop, you turn up the heat in your home to keep your family cozy and warm.

But what happens if your HVAC is suddenly just blowing cold air or stops working altogether? This could turn into a very costly repair!

A winter tune-up is a great way to stay ahead of this type of unexpected expense and is just as important as your springtime maintenance. Investing in preventative maintenance can prevent undetected issues from starting before they become a problem in your home.

So, how else can winter HVAC maintenance save you time, money, and a potential headache?

  • Lower Repair Costs – Your unit suffers from regular wear and tear. Without preventative maintenance, you won’t know about small issues that can be corrected before it’s too late and they become a major, costly repair. When you sign up for one of our maintenance plans, our technicians can stop a potential problem in its tracks and keep your unit running smoothly through the cold winter months.

  • Higher Efficiency – While your unit may not be showing any signs of trouble, our technicians can make small tweaks to optimize your unit’s efficiency and make you more comfortable in your home. Your unit’s life will be extended and it will function more smoothly while decreasing your stress level that your system could encounter a costly issue.

  • Extended Life for Your Unit– As mentioned earlier, investing in a winter tune-up significantly decreases the chances of an unexpected, costly repair. When you have your bi-annual maintenance complete before the winter and spring smaller problems can be identified before you would have a potential major system issue.

Review our maintenance plans and decide which option is the best fit for your family.

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