All About Five Star Homes Services

Five Star Was established in 1984 and we are proud and thankful to be celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2019!

When Five Star first opened it’s doors, Larry Sinn was the owner and only technician. In 35 years, our company has grown to over 50 employees serving the Upstate and Western North Carolina residential areas. We are here to help guide our customers to comfort, savings, and health for your home and family.

Many problems that customers face in their homes can’t be solved with just heating and air conditioning alone.

That’s why at Five Star, we solve your home’s problems by approaching your house as a whole system. The jobs we complete for our customers aren’t cookie cutter - we take pride in our workmanship and keeping our customers happy. Our warehouse has a logo on it - DWWSWWD - which stands for Do What We Say We Will Do. And we mean it!

We realize no two homes are the same—even if they are built by the same builder and same floor plan right next to each other—because the people living in them are different. We are there for you to be a guide and help you decide what you need and want from your home.

Thinking of upgrading the heating and air conditioning in your home? We provide all our customers with absolutely free quotes.

If you are having issues in your home and aren’t sure where to begin, then contact us for a free quote to find out how we can save you energy and money for years to come! We have convenient locations in the Greenville, Spartanburg, Hendersonville , Oconee and surrounding areas.

Live Healthy. Save Money. It’s the Five Star Way!

Watch this short video to learn more about our company from our founder, Larry!


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Did you know…

The different components of your house—heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, insulation—shouldn’t be looked at individually when a problem arises, but as a whole system working together to keep you comfortable and healthy. Contact us today to discuss your home’s needs at 864-530-0040 or click below!

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