Why Your Home Should Have a Water Filtration System

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Boosting your Greenville home’s water quality can impact more than just your drinking water safety. You’ll find it easier to increase your water intake. Plus, you’ll discover it’s easier to clean, bathe, and keep your appliances and plumbing running optimally. Let’s talk about all the ways a water filtration system will make your life easier.

The Benefits of Water Filtration Systems 

Do you use well water with bacteria, viruses, and potentially dangerous amounts of minerals and heavy metals like copper, lead, and arsenic? Or do you use city water with ammonia and chlorine? Either way, your tap water isn’t impurity-free, which can give it a bad taste and make it less than ideal for your household. Water quality varies by municipality – you can learn about how safe your tap water is by searching EWG’s Tap Water Database.

Here are some ways a water filtration system can improve your home and lifestyle:

  1. Provides cleaner, safer water. By installing a home water filtration system, you eradicate contaminants and ensure you and your family have access to healthy drinking water.
  2. Cuts down on clogs and corrosion. One of the many challenges of hard water (water with heavy mineral content) is how it wears on your plumbing. The buildup of minerals can prohibit water flow and create pipe clogs. Worse still, hard water may corrode the pipes, leading to costly repairs and premature replacements.
  3. Minimizes skin irritation. Is your skin dry and itchy after a shower? The excessive dryness may be from the minerals and chemicals in the water. Installing a whole home water filtration system solves your hard water problem, giving you softer, itch-free skin.
  4. Improves the cleanliness of your dishes and clothes. Did you know your cleaning appliances require more detergent to combat the minerals in hard water? As a result, the extra detergent and hard water residue can create soap scum and mineral deposits that decrease appliance efficiency and lead to repairs. Achieve cleaner clothes and dishes with less stress on your appliances by installing water filtration.
  5. Makes your water taste better. Removing impurities, minerals, and chemicals from your home water supply improves the water’s taste. With proper water filtration, you and your family will enjoy refreshing, clean water free from off-putting flavors and odors.

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Types of Filtration Systems

Wonder which filtration system type is best for your Greenville home? There are several factors to consider.

Here are the two most common filtration systems:

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

What is a reverse osmosis system and how does a reverse osmosis system work? RO systems are popular as well water filtration systems due to their effective removal of harmful toxins. They work by pressurizing water through a 0.0001-micron semi-permeable membrane that traps and redirects contaminants.

But is this filter type right for your home?

Here are some benefits of reverse osmosis systems to help you decide:

  • Removes contaminants. The system’s mesh is fine enough to block all minerals, removing lead and mercury from your water supply. It also eradicates bacteria and viruses. Because RO systems do not remove disinfection chemicals and pesticides, you may want to pair them with another filtration system.
  • Improves cooking. Without the minerals and chemicals, RO-filtered water improves the overall flavor of your meals and hot beverages. Enjoy the taste of the ingredients, not the water.

Activated Carbon

The activated carbon filter is an economical alternative to RO. This system works by running the water through a porous carbon filter, which absorbs the contamination from the water.

Here are the benefits of an activated carbon water filter:

  • Removes contaminants. While the filter can’t absorb heavy metals, it removes chemicals, minerals, and bacteria from the water, making it safer and more enjoyable to consume.
  • Features a compact design. This filtration system doesn’t require much space, which makes it ideal for smaller homes.
  • Saves money. After absorbing the contaminants, activated carbon filters can be cleaned and reused. This saves the hassle and expense of installing a new system.

Carolina Water Filtration Installation

Providing your Carolina home with the best water quality improves your health, eases your cleaning efforts, and saves you money. Whether you choose a system with reverse osmosis filters or activated carbon filters, the certified Five StarPlumbing Heating Cooling team is here to offer specialized water purification services in Upstate SC and parts of Western NC. Give us a call at 864-306-4898 or request service online.

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