Basement Bugs – Where are They Lurking?

Bugs and insects are everywhere in the world, which is why it’s impossible to go through life without finding at least one bug in your home. No matter what state or country you live in, insects are a part of nature in your area. Most pests have a purpose, such as killing other unwanted bugs or supporting their local ecosystem. However, if you find a lot of bugs in your basement, which is built underground, then you probably want a way to prevent them from living there permanently.

Certain types of bugs prefer the basement because they are attracted to moisture. Some insects you will want to get rid of if they harm your home, but others, such as specific types of spiders, you will want to keep around to get rid of the other types of unwanted bugs.

Types Of Basement Bugs

Certain types of bugs prefer the basement because it tends to be a damp, messy environment:

  • Silverfish or Fish Moths – these bugs are a silver-grey color and can be as big as one inch in length. They are only active at night, and most people discover them in the shower or somewhere in the bathroom. Silverfish prefer sugar and starches and love messy rooms with piles of clothes stored in boxes.

  • Centipedes – These creepy crawlers have 100 feet on their bodies. They have tiny jaws to eat meat, and also enjoy messy rooms or basements. They can even eat plants, but it isn’t an essential part of their diet.

  • Earwigs – These guys love rotting trees and other plants. They are nocturnal and come out from the shadows at night to eat other insects and plants. They are mostly found to live in southern and southwestern states.

  • Roly-poly Bugs – These bugs get their name from their ability to roll into a tiny ball when they are scared. When the air outside gets dry, then they love to come inside and live in your basement because they prefer living in a damp environment.

  • Mold mites – When you have a moisture problem in your basement, and you have a mold issue, then mold mites begin to live in your basement and feed off the mold growth.

Preventing Basement Bugs

For starters, if you have a moisture problem in your basement then install a dehumidifier to help keep the air dry. Next, to get rid of any bugs living down in your basement contact a professional exterminator if the infestation is getting too big to control. If you prefer to get rid of them yourself then follow these guidelines:

  • Silverfish can be killed using a spray that leaves a residue.

  • Centipedes are fast, so you need to scare them by hitting them with a rolled-up newspaper. If they are still alive, try to catch them in a jar and set them free outside.

  • Earwigs can only be killed using a toxic spray, but also prevent them from entering your home by keeping rotting trees and vegetation from being too close to your house.

  • Once your basement is no longer damp, then roly-polys will no longer be attracted to living there.

  • Mold mites will be gone once any mold problems are resolved.

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