Uneven Temperatures in Your Home?



Do you have areas in your home that are too hot or too cold?  Many homes only have one thermostat to control their heating and air conditioning unit.   That is like having one light switch for the whole house.  A thermostat only knows the temperature of the room it is in.  Therefore, room where the thermostat is could be the perfect temperature while other areas of the house are too hot or too cold.  The answer to this problem is zoning.

What Is Zoning?

To zone your home is to divide it into different areas for heating and cooling.  Each area gets its own thermostat for controlling its temperature, so you can have the perfect temperature in every area of the house.

Notice the picture to the left.  This house is divided into three zones, and the homeowner has each zone set to a different temperature, depending on the preferences of the people using these parts of the home.


What Will Zoning Do for You?

Zoning will make your house more comfortable. To achieve a certain temperature, some parts of your home may need more heating and air conditioning and some parts may need less. Each thermostat in a zone can monitor how hot or cold that zone is and tell the system how much heated or cooled air is needed.

It will make everyone in your house happy…  at least with the temperature of the home.  You can set up zones so that each person in your home has his or her own thermostat.  One person can choose to have a cold room at night while another can choose to have a warmer room.

It will make your heating and air conditioning system operate more efficiently.  When your system only directs airflow to certain areas, it can make your house comfortable without having to operate at peak capacity.

It will make your system quieter by operating at less than 100% capacity.  If your system isn’t having to maintain peak capacity, it will be more efficient.

It will save you money on your utility bills.  You can set your thermostats so that you’re not paying to heat or cool areas of your home that you aren’t using.

Is Zoning Right for You?

So, if you’re uncomfortable in your home, there is a good chance zoning is right for you.  Obviously, you will need to consider factors such as your budget and the size of your home, and that is where we can help.  We have zoned hundreds of homes, and we would love to help.  We take a look at your current system and talk to you about your options.  Call today to make a totally free, no obligation appointment with one of our Comfort Advisors.