Uneven Temperatures Quick Tip Video

Your home’s heating and air conditioning system is pretty amazing! You turn on your thermostat to heating or cooling and just like that you have warm or cold air running through your home. But, have you ever stopped to think about how air is delivered to the rooms in your home? Inside the walls of your home there is a maze of air ducts designed to deliver air to all of the corners of your home. One part of the system is designed to deliver warm or cold air to your home and the other part of the system is designed to put air back in the system where it is reconditioned and recirculated.

Do you experience Uneven temperatures in your Home?

When duct work is installed there are often leaks where one length of duct is connected to another piece. This means that your heating and air conditioning unit has to work HARDER to move air to all the parts of your home.

FACT: If you have 20% duct leakage, approximately 20% of the hot or cold air you are buying is being pushed out of the ducts and into the attic.  This can also mean you are sucking hot or cold attic air into the duct system on the return side of the air handler. On new, high performance homes, you can achieve less than 2-5% duct leakage. On older homes (especially with metal ducts), you could have duct leakage OVER 40%.

If you are experiencing uneven temperatures or want to learn more about what’s inside your home’s wall, watch this quick tip video. If you need help, contact us for a FREE estimate so that you can be comfortable and healthy in your home for years to come!


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