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Using Bleach to Remove Bathroom Mold – Yay or Nay?

Bleach may seem like the perfect solution when you find mold in your bathroom, but you will want to reconsider using it when you find out it’s not as perfect as it seems to be. Chlorine bleach is a biocide substance that should be used to destroy living organisms; however, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that using a biocide is not recommended for mold cleanup because bleach doesn’t kill the mold entirely. Mold spores have roots and because of bleach’s chemical structure, it stops chlorine from getting down to the roots of the mold. While mold might remove the color from bleach, it doesn’t remove the mold.

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Where Is The Most Dangerous Place To Find Mold In Your Home?

Finding mold in your home is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. What about the places mold can grow that you can’t see? In order for mold to grow in your home, it needs a combination of the right temperature, moisture level, and food source. It is important to complete a yearly inspection of your home so you can catch any mold growth before it becomes a major problem in your home.

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