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Where Is The Most Dangerous Place To Find Mold In Your Home?

Finding mold in your home is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. What about the places mold can grow that you can’t see? In order for mold to grow in your home, it needs a combination of the right temperature, moisture level, and food source. It is important to complete a yearly inspection of your home so you can catch any mold growth before it becomes a major problem in your home.

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Quick Tips for Battling Summer Allergies

Summer seasonal allergies typically begin in April or May and continue through October. Thousands of plants and flowers bloom during theses months, causing discomfort for almost everyone. From itchy, watery eyes to sneezing to tickles in the throat, sometimes it feels like you might not ever get relief.

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Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill This Summer!

As the summer months arrive, so does the heat and higher energy bills again. Keeping your home cool during the hot summer months usually means an increase in your energy bill for a few months while you keep the air conditioning running around the clock. Cooling your home is important so you don’t develop heatstroke, which can even happen indoors if you keep your house too warm.

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