How Does a Home Comfort System Work?

Did you know that a home comfort system is also called an HVAC system?

So, that system that you just can’t live without - the one that keeps you cozy and blissfully warm in the winter and then, cool and completely comfortable on those hot southern days, is your home’s HVAC system. Your HVAC also works hard to protect your family from airborne allergens and pollutants so it’s an important part of your home for many reasons.

There are four major components of an HVAC system:

  • Thermostat

  • Furnace

  • Air Conditioner Unit or Heat Pump

  • Indoor Air-Quality System

Why are there so many components to an HVAC system?

All of these 4 components work to together to provide you with the comfort, optimal indoor air quality, and energy efficiency you need to keep your family and your wallet happy! When it comes to Upstate families, Five Star is all about providing the highest level of comfort, energy efficiency and customized control you and your family need to live healthy, happy lives.

We are happy to come look at your current system and help you get the complete home comfort system you need will keep your family comfortable for years to come! Contact us today!


Watch this short video to learn more about how a HVAC system works!


Video courtesy of Lennox® Five Star is a certified Lennox® Dealer.

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