Dilution is NOT the Solution to Pollution

Dilution is NOT the solution to pollution. In both the heating and air and plumbing industries, the basic approach to home pollution is to dilute it. Your crawlspace and attic are nasty, filthy places. Your duct work sucks air from these places and circulates the pollutants from these places throughout your home. Water comes into your home filled with impurities encased in chlorine. People think these pollutants in their home’s air and water won’t hurt them. But when you think about it, do you really want them there?

In the video above, Five Star owner and founder Larry Sinn presents a demonstration. He shows a glass full of brown water, signifying water polluted by some kind of waste. He says he could combine clean water with the waste water until he had water that looks clean. He shows a glass of clear water. Even though the glass of clear water looks clean, would you drink it knowing it has some of the brown water in it?

Larry says he would not drink the water knowing what is in it even though it is diluted and now looks clean. He also doesn’t want to settle for diluted pollutants in your air or water. That is why we sell water filters. That is why we seal duct work. That is why we install whole house filters in your home. We don’t believe in dilution. We believe in purification.

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