AC Duct Repair Spartanburg SC

Are the floors rotting in your house? In this video, see a picture from a Spartanburg, SC, home that shows a heating and air conditioning duct work isn’t properly installed at the floor. The oblong part that connects with the floor is called a boot. The boot goes up through the floor to the supply register, which sends the air into the home. All around this connection, water has soaked the floor because the area is not insulated. In the summertime, when the air conditioning is running, the crawlspace is below dew point. When cold air goes through the duct work, it condenses like crazy. The moisture absorbs into the wood and rots the wood.

A salesman from a supplier who called on us told us he had a similar situation in his home. He got out of his bed one morning and put his foot down onto the floor. His foot went into the floor several inches. Unbeknownst to him, his floor was rotting just like the floor in the picture.

When you are having your air ducts installed or repaired, make sure you use a reputable contractor you can trust.