Air Conditioner Service Greenville, SC – We Train Our Techs!

Air Conditioner Repair Greenville, SC – We Train Our Techs!

Training is very important to what we do at Five Star.  Our industry is changing rapidly because technology changes rapidly.  We want our techs to stay up to date.  Also, customer service is very important to us, so we train our techs on how to treat customers.  Each of our employees receive at least 100 hours of training every year.  Every week, we have an hour and a half training for our CSRs, technicians, installers, and salespeople.  We bring in special speakers on topics.  We send them to seminars for further development.

Training is important to you because you want the tech who comes to your house to know what he’s doing.  Otherwise, you will pay more in the long run.  We’re all about making our air conditioner service cheaper, cleaner, and faster.  We want your experience to be hassle free and cost effective.  Training our employees is the way to do that.

Call Five Star for air conditioner repair Greenville, SC!  We are the company who will treat you right.