Electrical Panel Upgrade

Do you know when it is time to upgrade your electrical panel?

Your home electrical panel was put in to handle the power needs of your home the time it was installed but... if you have lived in your home for a while it's very possible that your electrical needs have changed.

To learn more about your electrical panel and determine if you might need a panel upgrade, this quick tip video is a must! If you do not want to watch the video or if you prefer to read instead scroll past the video to read our blog post about how to tell if your electrical panel needs to be upgraded instead.


Miriam Johnson, Co-Host of the TV series Hometime explains the electrical panel.

This metal box is an electrical panel, it’s where the main power line from outside enters the home and then gets routed throughout the electrical system inside the home. Inside the box, these are the circuit breakers.

What causes a breaker to "trip"?

All circuit breakers have a built in safety mechanism that will shut off the power or trip if there is an electrical problem. This may occur in the kitchen when you run your microwave and a blender at the same time. The tripping breaker means that the circuit is overloaded.

Is it time to upgrade your electrical panel?

Your homes electrical panel was put in to handle the power needs you had at the time you had it installed. So, how do you know when you are ready for a panel upgrade?


1. Your circuit breaks are constantly tripping.

If you find that you are resetting your circuit breakers a few times a week whereas before you were resetting them a few times a year, your panel is warning you that it needs repairs, an upgrade, or possibly a full replacement.

2. You smell a bitter odor, or you see evidence of an electrical fire, like charring.

Worn out wires or broken wires can cause fires. They can be burn out quickly but they can still be dangerous so you need to get an electrician in right away.

3. If you have an old fuse box that uses small circular fuses, than you definitely need to upgrade!

Circuit breakers are a lot safer and some home insurance companies won’t insure a house without them.

If you need more information about your electrical panel, contact us, we’ll be happy to help you out.