Air Conditioning Installation Hendersonville, NC

We received this feedback from a customer in Hendersonville, NC: I would like to thank you and your company for the wonderful job they did on my home installation. All the installers were courteous and professional. They all seemed very knowledgeable as to their jobs and certainly worked in an efficient manner. My wife an I feared having so many people in our home over such a period of time would be at the least inconvenient and at the worse invasive. This was not the case at all, we are happy to say it was more like having people we had worked with for years over, not quite friends, but people easy to be comfortable around. Never did I or my wife feel ill at ease with Chris or Olin when they did the service call, Tim or Arian when they did the install or any of the other gentlemen that were in our home blowing insulation and sealing the ducts. They all did a great job taking care of our home and cleaning up behind themselves. I give Five Star and its employees, Five out of Five.

We are very happy with the system, it runs so quietly and does such a wonderful job keeping our home even and comfortable. Thank you.

Warmest regards, Clarence and Leanna W. Hendersonville, NC

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