AC Not Cooling House?

AC not cooling house?  The answer to your problem may not be a new air conditioning unit.  But other heating and air companies may tell you the solution is simply getting a new unit. Jeff and Layne Austin of Image East Video of Greer, SC, were experiencing uneven temperatures in their newly built dream home, and they didn't know how to fix it.  Their master bedroom was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.  Changing the temperature on their thermostat simply made other areas of the house too hot or too cold - particularly their children's bedrooms.  So, they tried to make do by using space heaters and fans.

When Larry Sinn of Five Star visited their studio to make our Seven Laws of Comfort videos, Jeff said, "Those are all of the the problems we have in our home!"

The problems they were experiencing were:

  • Uneven temperatures in their home
  • High utility bills
  • An air conditioner that ran all day but still couldn't cool their home

Five Star fixed their home by putting three zones into their home.  Now, the master bedroom, the area with the children's bedrooms, and the living area each have their own zones.  In addition, Larry increased the size of their duct work, moved the duct work from the top of the attic to the floor of the attic, and added insulation.  Today, the Austins are extremely comfortable in their home, and they are saving money on their utility bills.

If you are having problems with your ac not cooling house, call Five Star.  We can help!  One of our Comfort Advisors will come to your home to learn more about your problems, and we will come up with a customized solution to fit your budget.  We are NOT like the competition - we don't simply say you need a new air conditioning unit, take your money, and leave you with the same problems.

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