AC Duct Repair Greenville SC

MAD AIR is an acronym for Mechanical Air Distribution And Interrelated Relationships.  Mechanical refers to the fan on your furnace. The relationships are with your duct work.  When you have leaky duct work, the fan works on it.  Wind typically hits your house at 0-15 mph. When the fan is working in the duct work, the air is moving 80-100 mph. We train all of our technicians - plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical - on all of the services we provide.  We teach them to look at the house as a system so that they can take a holistic approach to your home.  Also, they can recognize problems in your home that are outside their specific disciplines.  Instead of taking a telescopic view of home repair, we want to get the wide angle.

View the video above to see several pictures of problems we have found in homes:

  • An electrical problem in an air conditioning unit.
  • A hole in a homeowner's crawlspace where lines are going into the house.  This hole is large enough to allow rodents and other creatures into the home.
  • A return air hole that is sucking air from the crawlspace into the home.
  • A gap where the return air isn't hooked to the air duct.
  • An air to air connection that isn't actually connected.  There is about an inch between the two pipes.
  • A boot that is not properly sealed at the floor or insulated.  Around it, you can see a wet spot.  The wood of the floor is rotting because the cold air from the air conditioner goes through it.  Then, the wood sweats because it is in the crawlspace, whose temperature is below dew point.  The moisture runs inside the insulation, and that destroys the efficacy of the insulation.
  • Some examples of pan joists and how this practice creates a gap, and the gap is rarely sealed with mastic.
  • A duct work hole that is so big someone has stuffed a jacket into it to try to stop the flow of air.

In most crawlspaces, the air duct holes aren't this big.  However, the average home has duct leakage.  In fact, the government says that 20-40% of the air in your home comes from some sort of duct leak.  This is air you don't want in your home.  It is contaminated by your crawlspace or attic, and it is not air conditioned air.  So, 20-40% of your utility bill is from trying to compensate for this unwanted air.

Sealing your duct work will make the air in your home healthier, more comfortable, and more affordable.  For more information, give us a call.  We would love to talk with you more about AC Duct Repair Greenville SC.